About Me

My name is Brandi.
This is me and the BF Future Hubs (an old pic, but one of my faves, so there you go).
This is the pup, Ahab (he's so photogenic, isn't he?).

The Stats
Female. 20-something.
My birthday is December 15th.
I was born in Orlando, FL but moved to GA when I was young.
I currently live in Covington, GA.
I attended Dalton State College, where I received a BA in History and graduated summa cum laude.
I am a Christian and a Liberal.

Some Random Stuff
Favorite Color(s): Turquoise, blues, and greens
Fears: Grasshoppers, Katydids, Cephalopods, and Crocodilians
Favorite Place(s): The ocean/beach and Disney World
Favorite Animal(s): Dolphins, sharks, dinosaurs, and dogs!
Favorite Subject(s): History (prehistory and early history, especially) and Science (biology)

I love to cooking, I love to read, I love the internet, I love to travel, and of course, I love the FH and the pup.

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