My Life's List

Everyone has a list of things they want to accomplish in life. I've seen a lot of lists that are year-specific, but I'm way too much of a procrastinator (and too broke) to try and do too much in one year, so this is just a list of the things I want to do before I'm too old to do them!

001. Visit France again.
002. See Big Ben.
003. Visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
004. Learn Spanish.
005. Learn Portuguese.
006. Learn Mandarin Chinese.
007. Go to Hawaii.
008. Go to Australia.
009. Own a dinosaur fossil.
010. Learn to surf.
011. Visit every state park in Georgia.
012. Get a tattoo.
013. See the Grand Canyon.
014. Visit Yellowstone National Park.
015. Go on a Cruise.
016. Own a house.
017. Have a garden/farm that provides at least 70% of our food.
018. Own goats.
019. Get back down to my high school weight.
020. Get married.
021. Host a holiday at my place.
022. Get SCUBA certified.
023. Go to South America.
024. Go to Dragon*Con.
025. Buy Kinect for our Xbox 360.
026. Take another week-long Disney vacation and use the Dining Plan.
027. Stay at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge during a Disney vacation.

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