Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Captain Ahab Appreciation

Yes, it's a two-post kind of night, guys. I'm parked next to the heater because it's ultra chilly out and I'm feeling a little bloggy, so yep, that's just how it's going to be.

Today's second post is going to be dedicated to my dog - Captain Ahab. Because I'm pretty sure he's the cutest dog on the planet. And I'm totally not biased or anything.

Okay, so "captain" is just a formal title and no one really addresses him as such. It's just Ahab around here. Or as he's somehow come to be called, Ahabs-Ahabs. Yeah, I don't know.

Ahab is a rescue mutt. He had been dumped out on the side of the road along and left to survive all on his own. The BF and I took him in. We hauled him into the car, tried to feed him french fries (which he didn't eat because, as I learned later, he only likes hot french fries and not lukewarm ones... the spoiled brat), and took him back to the BF's apartment to give him a bath and some food. It was love.

As far as we can tell, he's some sort of lab mix. Or a border collie mix, as he's much closer to that size and he's got a fluffy tail that curls straight over his back when he's in a mischievous mood. Ahab is incredibly sweet and he knows a small collection of tricks that include sitting, laying down, shaking hands, begging, and jumping. Rolling over? Not so much, he just kinda flops down and stays there.

And let me tell you, he is the world's biggest baby.

The only downside to Ahab is that he's very distrustful of other people. I guess it's because he was abandoned when he was so young. He adores and is fanatic over me, the BF, family, and close friends, but anyone else? He isn't fond of. Oddly enough, though, he gets along well with dogs AND cats (well, if the cats will bother giving him any attention).

That's Ahab with the Bestie's chubby little dachshund, Ollie.

Ahab is also totally terrified of water. Ollie, as seen above, actually really enjoys it. But Ahab? He will avoid getting wet at all costs. Which is why it was so awesome when we took him to our local park and he actually, voluntarily hopped into the creek that runs alongside it.

How adorable is that?!

I'm not gonna lie, though. He's a bed hog. His favorite place sometimes is right between the BF and I, and he loooves to spoon. Or just generally space-invade.

But really... he's so super adorable that I can forgive him. He makes a good cuddle buddy, anyway.

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