Friday, November 16, 2012

Lazy Day

I haven't done much today. Fridays when we don't travel back down to Covington are days we like to spend sleeping in and not doing much if we can help it. So the day started out a little like this:

Ahab loves to sleep in bed with us and I'm such a big softie that he always gets to do it. He's a great snuggle buddy when it's cold out! And on our free days, he likes to just lay around in bed, too.

So earlier this week, we canceled our cable service with Charter. While we really like their internet, the cable service has been steadily climbing in price so that our bill went from $82 to $112 - NOT cool. After talking about it, the BF called and we got rid of the cable and now our bill is currently at around $50. Not bad. We only watch about 5 hours of television a week and it's just our weekly television shows - all of which we can access online.

Now that we aren't chained to where the cable hookup is, we could move our television wherever we want! Which thrilled me to no end, so we spent a good chunk of today rearranging and reorganizing our living room. I love mixing up placement of stuff from time to time and now we've even made sure to keep a space clear for our Christmas tree, which will go up next weekend, after Thanksgiving.

For dinner, we had homemade veggie soup that I made a few days earlier and I froze the rest for later on. I tested out a small batch of my new dressing recipe I'm taking to Thanksgiving (I'll post about that later). And now we're listening to Christmas music on Pandora and the BF is working on some clay pottery that we're giving out for presents this year.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't such a lazy day. But you wouldn't know that judging by this little guy:

That's all he's been doing all day!

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