Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Hiatus

This week is already turning out to be far busier than I thought it would! I was writing papers and turning them in like a frenzied person yesterday (and I still have one more to do, aah!) and today we had to pack up ourselves and Ahab and head on down for a week with our families.

The BF and I currently live in Dalton, GA, which is way up in the Northwest area, close to the Tennessee border. Our families live in Covington, which is south of Atlanta and the trip took us about 3 hours (thanks, holiday traffic) today. Now that we're here, I have some cooking to do (I'm in charge of dressing for my family's Thanksgiving) and the BF and I will be working on some pottery as well - we have to fire up the kiln, fire some stuff we've made, and then glaze it all and fire it again! I'm so excited to see how they all turn out and hopefully I'll have pictures to share with you all.

So I'll be taking a mini "hiatus" of sorts until this weekend! I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving and I hope you all get to spend loads of time with family and friends and eat lots of carbs and turkey and other delicious things. :]


  1. Visiting & new follower from SaraMontana says! Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving :)


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