Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012: Obama Re-elected!

This will be the last political post for a long while, I think. The election is over, the results are in. Am I happy? HELL YES. This election was about more than who's going to be the next POTUS. It was an election about ideals. About standing up and believing in equality and inalienable rights. About moving this country into the 21st century and keeping up with the rest of the world.

If you missed it last night, I really suggest you go read the full text of Obama's victory speech. It was incredible.


The one thing I've seen that bothers me most is how people have been throwing God at the situation. I've seen posts that range from the harmless "Pray for our country" to the ridiculously notion that somehow they need God to save us from this terrible leader we have. Christians are acting like Obama is some sort of tyrant or anti-Christian ruler who is determined to destroy us all and the only way to possibly survive the next four years is if God (who, according to them, was a Romney supporter) has mercy on all our souls.

Uh, WTF?

As I've said on FB already... maybe God wanted Obama to win. Before you're so quick to condemn him for winning and claim God didn't want that and you need His protection to survive, maybe you should consider the notion that this is God's plan. After all, Obama was the candidate who supported accepting everyone despite their difference. He supports equality across the board. If God was going to get behind anything, wouldn't it be the idea that we need to love each other and treat each other fairly and equally? So calm down, Christians. You make us less-panicky, less-egocentric Christians look bad.


I didn't want to get on a soapbox. I wanted to take this post to celebrate that Barack Obama will be my president for another four years. And what's the best way to do that? With celebratory gifs!! All of these came from tumblr.


  1. I absolutely LOOVE the first graphic of Obama and Biden! Hilarious! Love that dance!


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