Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Political Beliefs

Okay, so I lied. I said I wouldn't really talk about my political beliefs. But I was cruising through the internet, reading blogs, reading articles, and looking at Facebook when I realized... this is my blog. I don't have a kid, I'm not married, I don't DIY, and I don't have the budget for fashion, travel, or even innovative recipes. So what does that leave?

I have my opinions. My thoughts. My life.

So I'll say it's for posterity. For my own satisfaction. Because even though I live in an area where I was ostracized for not being politically conservative, I'm still proud of what I believe. And because I firmly believe that you shouldn't bully or shun people just because they want to talk about the "serious" issues or just because their opinions on those "serious" issues don't coincide with yours.

So what do I believe?

As I stated in my previous political post - I believe that, if you're going to vote, you owe it to your country and your fellow Americans to get informed first. I believe you shouldn't vote on party lines - it shouldn't matter if someone is Republican, Democratic, Green Party, whatever - you should vote based on where someone stands on the issues specifically (which goes back to being informed). And on top of that, you need to vote based on your own convictions about the issues. Don't vote for the Republican just because you think you side with Republicans because that's what your parents do. Read up on the issues, where the specific candidate stands, decide where you stand, and THEN vote Republican if everything still lines up. If not? Vote for whoever lines up with you.

Where do I stand? I'm a Liberal and here's why:

I'm a Liberal because I'm a Christian.


As a Christian, I find it mandatory that we need compassion for our fellow men. I support a candidate who wants to help Americans - the disabled poor, the working poor, the unemployed, the uninsured, the middle class, the working class, the ostracized, the excluded. You know, those "huddled masses" we like to brag about welcoming in. It shouldn't matter if someone is gay, if they're a minority, if they weren't born here, or what religion they are. Across the board, everyone needs a fair shot at this American Dream we harp so much on. We're supposed to love everyone as Christians and as it stands now, the Liberal side (and some Moderates) are the only ones who truly showcase that time and time again.

I'm a Liberal because I'm a historian.


I've been studying history for years. European history. American history. Chinese history. Native American history. Through wars and empires and there's one story that remains the same - those who don't have open minds are the ones who get left behind. They're the ones History looks back on and frowns. Fifty years ago, people thought it was okay to be "separate but equal" and that integration was an abomination. People thought women didn't need the right to vote. Nowadays, people want to outlaw gay marriage and deny women their reproductive rights. History is a litany of reasons why we should keep an open mind and when I'm an old woman and my grandchildren ask me what I thought about these things - I don't want to tell them I hid behind religious rhetoric, fear, and bias, I want to tell them that I've always believed in equality for everyone.

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