Thursday, November 1, 2012

"It's Ok" Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone!


... that I haven't really done a lot of blogging this week. I've been busy. :/

... to be (now not-so)secretly addicted to "The Vampire Diaries" (which comes on tonight!). I started watching it because it's filmed where I used to live and... now I'm stuck.


... to feeling bittersweet about finally graduating college.

... that I am SO not ready for this cold weather! I already miss summer.

... that every time I go into Walmart, I wander through the Christmas section because it's already up and I'm so excited for it!

... to crave coffee and yet not have a coffee maker in my apartment! Fingers crossed I get one for a Christmas gift.

... that I'm linking up with something new this week because I'm definitely not quite there yet.

For us bloggers who aren't married and don't have kids!

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  1. stopping by from the link-up and your newest follower :) coffee is my addiction. i got even more addicted to it after I graduated college - hope you get your coffee maker for Christmas! Have a great day :)


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