Monday, October 29, 2012

I Love Harry Potter Link Up

This link up is on, like, week five, but I just found it and I'm STOKED to join in because if there's one thing I'm a huge fan of that isn't Star Wars it's Harry Potter.

1. If you could ask J.K. Rowling to explain something about the Harry Potter world further, what would it be?
The whole Horcrux thing. Especially Harry as a Horcrux. He didn't die when the Killing Curse rebounded off him when Voldemort tried to kill him, but it killed the part of the Horcrux, which shouldn't have happened because the curse rebounded because of the Elder Wand? If it killed Voldemort's soul fragment, that means it should have worked and they both would've died.

2. What's your best guess of what animal your patronus would be?
A beluga whale! They're my favorite animal and they're just super adorable.

(source: Google Images)

3. Have you noticed any inconsistencies within the books that you'd like J.K. Rowling to explain? (In other words, any errors)
When Harry, Hermione, and Ron get caught by the Snatchers, Hermione says she's Penelope Clearwater in order to try and escape them. Penelope is a muggle-born, so she wouldn't have been able to escape anyway - and she should have known Penelope was a muggle-born, since Penelope was petrified by the basilisk back in 2nd year.

4. Are you on Pottermore/what's your username? I think it would be fun to all add each other as friends if we're on there :)
Yes! I'm Runestone110. Yay Ravenclaw!!

5. Have you ever been to a midnight release of the movies or books?
I've been to the midnight release of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and both DH films. I never went to the midnight releases of the books because I preordered them online and they arrived to my house the day they released!

6. Have you read The Tales of Beedle the Bard?
Yes! I own it, along with "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" and "Quidditch Throughout the Ages".

7.What would you see looking at yourself in the mirror of erised?
Me, with the BF and my closest friends - all happy and together. I think keeping in contact with my friends is something I would truly want to see myself doing. Careers and locations are all relative so long as you have good company!

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  1. Love your answers, especially the Penelope Clearwater inconsistency. I totally forgot about that! And those beluga whales are pretty adorable :)


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