Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our 3rd Anniversary

So, yesterday was the third anniversary for the BF and I! We're broke, so I knew we wouldn't be doing anything special, but I was surprised when the BF turned up with these:

Flowers! It's been a while since flowers have graced our tiny apartment.

Typically for our anniversary and for birthdays, we like to go out to a nice dinner instead of giving gifts. Again, due to budget, that was off the table. INSTEAD, I decided to make us dinner. We splurged and bought some steaks and let me tell you - they. were. delicious. And so much bigger than what any steakhouse would offer for the same price. I'll be posting recipes from the dinner later!

I wanted to take this post to talk about the BF a little because, well, I love him a lot. :]

The BF and I! (Before we started dating.)

So I've known the BF for a grand total of about 5+ years. We were friends before we started dating and, in my opinion, that's the best way to fall in love - with your best friend.

The BF and I met through my BFF, who happens to be his older sister. Backstory Time! I've known my BFF since we were little. We were both in the Gifted Program in elementary school and then we were college room mates at UGA for a few years. But I didn't actually meet the BF until he came up to visit his sister - and even then, we didn't really talk until I transferred schools to where he was going after the BFF graduated and we ended up taking classes together. We ended up really good friends from there, but didn't start dating until a few years later.

We started dating in 2009, which also happens to be when we rescued our baby, Ahab:

These past three years have been some of the most hectic, but they've been some of my favorites, too. I've met fabulous new friends thanks to the BF, and I cannot stress how absolutely wonderful the family is that both the BF and my BFF come from. I couldn't ask for better people in my life.

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