Monday, October 1, 2012

Graduation Application

So... today I turned in my application for graduation! Huzzah! That means that, short of some sort of catastrophe, I will be an official college graduate in May 2013. Huzzah again!

Dalton State College is where I'll be getting my degree from. And what degree is that? A BA in History! Which is a far cry from my original major of Marine Science back when I enrolled at the University of Georgia in 2003 (yes, it was THAT long ago). I've shuffled through a handful of major changes before I finally settled on History and I'm pleased with the decision to stick with this one. And NOT just because it means I'll finally be done with college. I believe history is incredibly important, not just in helping us know where we came from, but also in shaping where we're going.

With my application turned in, I'm finally getting all my ducks on a row for graduation. Okay... so that's actually just the first duck and there are a lot more to go, but whatever. Yay for graduating!

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