Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday 10


Happy Tuesday, everyone. Today I have for you another link up!


01. I'm obsessed with information. Seriously. I go to Wikipedia and read random articles for fun. Even the long ones. I watch NatGeo and Discovery Channel more than any other. I read non-fiction books - not even because someone made me! I love to learn and I have committed more brain space to random facts than is strictly normal, I'm sure.

02. I love conspiracy theories. Especially those surrounding the Kennedys (Jack and Bobby, specifically). In fact, I'm writing a paper on it now. I also love the alien conspiracies! Conspiracy culture is super interesting. No really.

03. I'm a huge scifi fan. Specifically Star Wars. Want to know what a nerf is? What TIE stands for in TIE fighters? Or why Chewie never spoke Basic? I can totally tell you. But I also love stuff like The X-Files, Firefly, etc.

04. I love steak. Well, meat in general! And make it medium-rare, plz. I don't understanding vegetarians and vegans. The human species is omnivorous and it is my goal in life to totally take advantage of that evolutionary gift by eating as much steak, ribs, bacon, etc as possible.

05. I love animals. I really love sharks, rays, whales, dolphins, and other marine animals. I originally wanted to be a marine biologist before falling into history. I also love puppies - really, I'm obsessed with them.

06. I'm a Disney fanatic. I grew up in Orlando, FL where my family had annual passes to the parks, and we watched the animated films and the old cartoons all the time. While I don't care for modern Disney Channel crap (because yes, that's what it is), I ADORE the theme parks. I'm hoping to get back soon.

07. I want to spend the night in a haunted location. I love the idea of ghosts and hauntings (I loved Paranormal Activity) and it just sounds like an awesome experience to have.

08. I'm obsessed with AMC's "The Walking Dead", Showtime's "Game of Thrones", and I've got a crush on Syfy's Josh Gates, who hosts "Destination Truth". Yeah, that's 3 shows, but it's all TV related so it goes into one fact! But seriously, I would run away with Josh Gates and we could search for the Yeti and the Lochness monster and ghosts together. Because that sounds like THE best job ever.

09. I love to organize. I drive the BF crazy with my organizing (and reorganizing) and all of my lists. But I just love it. I love putting things in order, it's super fun for me!

10. I desperately want to travel abroad. I went to France when I was 16 and I want to go back to Europe. I REALLY want to travel to Australia and New Zealand, and I'd love to see Egypt and South Africa.

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  1. I am a Disney fanatic as well. I am trying to get my kids all into the old stuff so we try to grab them when they release them from the vault. I hope we get to take them to the park next summer. Check out my 10 when you get a chance

    Nicki @ Nicki's Random Musings


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