Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recipes | Steak!

So I mentioned before that the BF and I just recently celebrated our third anniversary and that I made us a steak dinner to celebrate. I know cooking steak isn't rocket science, but I wanted to share how I prepare my steaks!

First, we bought the steak at Wal-mart. I decided to try their new "premium quality" USDA Choice steak in the black packages they've been touting in commercials lately. We bought NY strip - two steaks that totaled around 1.2lbs, for about $16 bucks. Let me preface this all with saying that I'm actually pretty picky when it comes to steak.

And now let me tell you - these babies were delicious.

First, I let them come to room temp and then seasoned them up. No fancy steak seasoning or anything like that. I'm a big fan of my steak tasting like steak and pretty much nothing else. So just salt, pepper, and a little dash of sugar.

Then, I melted some butter in my pan, let it melt, and then tossed the steaks in. I cooked them on both sides and they turned out looking like this:

I apologize for the poor picture quality. I had to use my phone because I couldn't find my camera. But those steaks still look pretty tasty, don't they?

To finish them off, I went the totally unhealthy route and dropped a little dab of butter on each steak and let it melt while they rested. (You want to let the meat rest for a little bit so the juices all redistribute and don't leak away when you cut into it.) I realized I should have taken a picture of the inside (a glorious pink), but I realized that as we were finishing them off and so by then it was too late. ;]

These steaks were SO good. They were tender and cooked to how I like them - which is a change from when I go out. Most restaurants hand me medium-well steaks and that's just terrible. The price beat the heck out of us going to some fancy restaurant, too.

My Easy Steak "Seasoning"
black pepper
white pepper

You'll notice I don't have any measurements - that's because I don't measure. :/ I just eyeball most of my seasonings. I would say maybe a tablespoon of salt and the peppers, and maybe 1/4 tablespoon of sugar, mix it all together and then distribute over the steaks.

How I Cook My Steak
4 tbs butter

Haha, not much to it. Place your pan over medium heat and melt two tablespoons of the butter. Once the butter has melted completely, place the steak into the pan. Don't touch the steak once you've placed it in the pan, just let it sit and cook so it can get nice and brown (because as Food Network Chef Anne Burrell says "Brown food tastes good!"). Let the steak go for 3-4 minutes before flipping it over and then let it cook for about another 3 minutes.

This is how long I cooked mine and it came out on the rarer side of medium. If you want yours cooked medium-well or well, just leave it in the pan longer. A good way to test your steak is to press your finger into the meat and if it springs back, it's done.

Once you've taken the steak out of the pan, set it aside and place the remaining butter on them (1 tbs each). Let the butter melt and the steak rest for about five minutes. And voila!


  1. I would suggest adding fat, such as butter, before you place them on to the pan or grill to make the crust or the outer layer cracking crispy. This would also prevent your steak from burning even if it takes hours to cook it under fire.

    Harter House Meats


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